Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 29.11.2012

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5kB2k1uEO0endofvid [starttext] Okay, it's getting ridiculous the sheer volume of UFOs regularly flying around THE WORLD RIGHT NOW... and not only HERE west of Pittsburgh (where Batman & new Tom Cruise movie "Jack Reacher" & others were filmed).... Yet, here I am, a woman business-owner (excavation/land development -- explains the swearing, lol)... living in a city where MAJOR film companies come with outrageously-expensive top-notch film equipment, but I have to try and document this HISTORY-making amazing ALIEN VISITATION behavior all by myself with expensive pro-sumer equipment whilst I drive around a 1999 SUV just to post it FREE on the internet..... Where I get harassed with stupid ignorant remarks from those who either don't have a clue of what's been seen/reported in our skies in the last 4 years in INCREASING VOLUME and BOLDNESS of these crafts.... or they're paid to try to keep it quiet by using standard harass/defame/ridicule put into place during the 1950's UFO wave to shut up UFO eyewitnesses. WELL IT'S NOT GOING TO WORK. The beings who made these crafts apparently don't mind if hundreds/thousands of people now see them over big cities like Moscow & St. Petersburg Russia, Madrid, Rome, London, Chicago, New York City, etc. -- all major metropolitan areas with mass sightings of them, plus many more locations worldwide and in the states. Where others, like myself, have found it ALARMING and have tried to film them to INFORM OTHERS while enduring character assassinations whilst dealing with the trauma that ALIENS ARE REAL & FLYING AROUND CLOSE to where WE LIVE. A list of 100+ others who've managed to film them in their own areas is on my channel page in description. Youtube size there limits me from added 6 or so more new ones just posting recently -- like Joe Blogg in UK. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WOJeo5Tn0M SAME mimic/hologram ET crafts projecting/copying our own air craft styles to most times aimlessly wander around like studying or patrolling our planet and humans after sneaking down closer to ground level past our military's detection systems (I assume, since they don't come chasing them in majority of cases, until phone calls are made typically)... ~~~ I HAVE 3 complete FAA radar reports from similar crafts on video AND THEY DON'T EVEN MAKE A "hit" on PRIMARY RADAR. Any attempts by skeptics to identify a craft claimed to be MIMICKING NAV LIGHTS from video or when EYEWITNESSES say are doing this behavior of morphing from mostly ORANGE FIREBALLS, and then shape-shift then MIMIC our simple navigational lighting styles is NOT VALID in cases such as these. It REQUIRES a radar report to dismiss them -- end of arguments. MUCH GRATITUDE TO DR. BRUCE CORNET (and the late Dr. Ellen Crystall) for their research study on the famous Pine Bush, NY UFOs because these are the SAME GROUP of ETs/Crafts as there. He predicted they would show up in larger numbers and HE WAS RIGHT. The red fireball & triangular-shaped craft in Rendlesham Forest incident might also be this same group's crafts when not mimicking our air crafts also. I believe the binary-code Sgt. Penniston 'downloaded' from craft when he touched it translated to something about "planetary ADVANCEMENT".... Yep, since the 1980 sighting there -- THEY HAVE ADVANCED in volume/frequency. I'm telling you, what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING would make the BEST MOVIE EVER with that professional movie-making gear Hollywood has access to. Anybody got any connections? If so -- I got the list of others who can tell them LAST NIGHT where/what/how many UFOs were flying in various worldwide locations. From studying their behavior for 3+ years (at least 300 nights & some days per year for 8-12 hours per night average), I can spot their subtle behavior and for some unknown reason .... I can FEEL if they're gonna show up now before dark. Tested this with surveillance cam to make sure it wasn't wishful-thinking stuff. When no UFOs, I felt no compulsion to look out the window or go driving around to see where they are... It's like life is NORMAL again! Weird. Maybe they WANT me to film them as some have suggested? Na, I doubt it ... The punks flee from me most times, lol.. ....So I guess they don't believe my nick-name is "The DELICATE FLOWER", either, lol! Sooooo, who out there in the movie business has the balls to do it, huh? Chase ALIENS and their crafts to film them UP CLOSE and PERSONAL??. Anybody? I prefer for those with high-end pro equipment costing $200,000 plus to contact me. CHANCE OF A LIFETIME.. I promise it'll not only be fun and the most rewarding experience in your life, but will be documenting on film HISTORY. [endtext]

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