Best UFO Sightings Of August 2012, AFO

[postlink][/postlink] [starttext] Videos used listed below Disc Shaped UFO Caught Over Tijuana, Mexico Patterned UFO Over Palmira, Valle del Cauca, Colombia NASA's Curiosity Rover Catches A Bright UFO On Mars' Horizon Intelligent Controlled UFO Flys Over Melbourne Australia White UFO Caught In Clear Skies UFOs Form Triangle Formation Over California USA UFO Over The Olympics Closing Ceremony London, UK UFOs Caught On Mars' Landscape By NASA's Curiosity Rover UFO Filmed From Crop Circle In Avebury, UK UFO Formation Appears During KTLA News Broadcast California, USA Super High Speed Moving Object Over Indiana, USA Rainbow Colored UFO Recorded Over Israel Curiosity Captures More Strange Objects On Mars' Surface UFOs Gliding Across The Moon's Surface UFO With Beam Above Fireworks Display In Hawaii USA Neil Armstrong's UFO Encounter On The Moon [endtext]

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