[postlink][/postlink] [starttext] UFO Spotted in Phoenix Dust Storm July 21, 2012 This UFO was spotted by a youtube viewer whilst watching my video that I uploaded titled "MONSTER DUST STORM". The original video can be seen on my youtube channel Original video: Original video was uploaded July 21, 2012 Thanks to the youtube user stand4ever1 for being very observant and noticing the U.F.O. In the first video clip the UFO was filmed through a car windshield. Second clip was filmed outside of car. Buckeye, Arizona July 21, 2012 1814 HOURS Look Angle East UFO spotted East/North East Sky When the video was filmed, Moon phase is "Waxing Moon" and at 6:00 P.M when the video was filmed the moon was in the Western sky. The video was filmed pointing towards the Eastern sky. Object was in the East/North East... [endtext]

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