Bright UFO(?) Flashing Colors - Seen from CA and AZ - November 29, 2011

[postlink][/postlink] [starttext] Case Number: 33719 Log Number: US-11302011-0002 Submitted Date: 2011-11-30 01:22 GMT Event Date: 2011-11-29 21:30 GMT Status: Assigned City: Ojai Region: California Country: US Longitude: -119.242889 Latitude: 34.4480495 Shape: Cylinder,Diamond,Fireball Distance: One mile or less Description: I went outside and noticed the object changing colors rapidly. It looked to be flickering green, red and white strobe. I went inside and got my binoculars. Thru them the object appeared to be moving, but i knew that could be due to the binoculars. So I got my HD vid camera and first observed it hand held. I was so amazed by the sight that we got a tri-pod and set it up. The video at that point speaks for itself. Fading in and out, changing colors, red strobe on the surface, brilliant lime green body at times. It continued for about 40 mins and then i noticed a few regular looking planes approach it. After that it was gone in a few minutes. We observed 4 other sets of the same lights, in other parts of the horizon. I didn't film them as this one appeared to be the closest so I stayed on it. I have lots more video, but I only attached the one below due to the size (I shot in HD). Media: [endtext]

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