Best UFO Sightings Of February 15th To March 15th, 2012, AFO

[postlink][/postlink] [starttext] The Best UFO Footage From Around The World Between February 15th and March 15th, 2012 Videos in order of appearance Multiple UFOs Flying Over Kings Lynn, UK UFO Spotted Above Flying Plane In Fiumicino, Italy Flashing UFO Over São Paulo, Brasil Blue And White Orbs Over Volvic, France Orb UFOs Floating Over Illinois, USA Planet Sized UFO Next To The Sun UFO/Meteor Shooting Over The UK Unknown Structure/Possible UFO On The Moon UFO Over Madrid, Spain Plasma UFO Caught Over Munich, Germany Large UFO/UFOs Hovering Over Russia Bubble Looking UFO Above Russia Gigantic Triangle Inprint On The Sun Moon Structure In A Photo In NASA Research Base? UFO Formation Over The Pacific Ocean [endtext]

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